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Join us at our upcoming auctions. We offer various types of auctions and auction formats in our Texas Auction company. From timed online auctions, live auctions, and live auctions with simulcast online bidding.



Are you looking to SELL an item? Or, are you looking to BUY an item? We understand the continuous needs for both buyers and sellers at all different times, so in our Texas auctioneers company marketplace we are now able to offer this service to you. Buying and selling has never been easier!


Upcoming Auctions

Location- 1140 E. Highway 121, Lewisville, TX 75057


August 15, 2024 10:00 am

Rocco’s Auto World Absolute Online Timed Auction with Mike Jones Auction Group

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Location- 11919 Foutch Rd., Pilot Point, TX 76258


September 21, 2024 9:00 am

Estate of Raymond Shaw Dispersal Auction – Absolute!

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Location- 2737 Hagerman Rd., Pottsboro, TX 75076


September 28, 2024 10:00 am

Covington Estate Dispersal Auction

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Location- 2217 N. Carroll Blvd., Denton, TX 76201


October 26, 2024 10:00 am

Fall Consignment Auction

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We offer multiple options for you to sell your equipment in Texas auction company, trucks or agricultural machinery, depending on your needs.

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We offer multiple options for you to buy equipment, trucks or agricultural machinery, depending all on your needs.

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About Us

Kiefer Auctioneers is a Texas Auction Company. Built on honesty & integrity, Kiefer Texas Auctioneers is a live and online auction company in Texas with over 25 years of family-owned and operated experience. Cory and Jacee Kiefer certainly understand the importance of providing their customers with the most advantageous return on their products. Kiefer Auctioneers mission is to make good things happen for other people. 
Establishing a relationship built on honesty and integrity is a priority for us. We have various types of auctions from Farm Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Commercial / Industrial, Bankruptcy, Dispersal, Business Liquidations, Livestock, Family Estate Sale Auctions, Fundraisers, Galas, and more Texas auctions. Cory Kiefer is a licensed auctioneer in the State of Texas and is available for hire for any type of  Texas auction. See why we are the best Texas Auction Company in your area.


How do Texas Auction Company work?

Auctions are a fantastic alternative to whether you're trying to acquire or sell items, property, or equipment. You can work with various reliable Texas auctioneers to accomplish your objectives. We'll go over all you need to know about Texas auctions in this post, along with why Kiefer Auctions should be your first port of call.

At Texas Auction Company, objects are offered for sale to the highest bidder. Antiques, farm machinery, real estate, and a wide variety of other items can be sold in online auctions in Texas. A transparent and equitable method is provided for both parties, making auctions a great way to buy or sell products.

Why pick Public Texas Auctioneers?

Auctions in Texas are a great way to acquire or sell products because they provide several advantages, such as:


Auctions are open affairs in which all bids are disclosed. By guaranteeing that buyers and sellers have access to the same information, this transparency ensures that everyone involved is playing on an even playing pitch.

Fast Sales

The quickness of auctions is well-known. It is a rapid way to buy or sell products because the entire process—from listing the item to receiving payment — can be completed in hours or days.

Fair Market Value

Auctions are a great approach to determining an item's fair market worth. The auctioning procedure ensures that the winning offer reflects the actual worth of the item rather than the seller's predetermined price.

Reach a Large Audience

Auctions can reach a larger audience than conventional sales techniques. Particularly online auctions have a greater probability of finding a buyer or seller because they can draw bidders worldwide.

Statistics about Texas Auctions

Auctions can reach a larger audience than conventional sales techniques. Mainly, online auctions have a greater probability of finding a buyer or seller because they can draw bidders worldwide.

Choosing the right Texas Auctioneer

TTexas auctioneers are experts who manage various items, real estate, and machinery sales. They are essential to the auction process because they ensure that everything goes according to plan and that both bidders and sellers have an honest and open experience.

The success of your auction in Texas depends on your choice of the auctioneer. When choosing a Texas auctioneer, keep the following things in mind:

  • Experience: Seek an auctioneer with extensive industry knowledge. A successful outcome can be ensured by experienced auctioneers who have the abilities and understanding to manage a variety of auctions.
  • Recommendations: Verify the auctioneer's reputation online or through word-of-mouth recommendations. To determine their level of professionalism and dependability, look through testimonials from prior customers.
  • Services: Take into account the variety of services the auctioneer provides. While some auctioneers offer a more extensive range of services, others specialise in specific sorts of auctions.
  • Technology: Many auctions are held online in today's society. To guarantee a seamless online auction experience for buyers and sellers, pick an auctioneer who uses cutting-edge technologies.
  • Customer Service: Choose an auctioneer who offers top-notch customer service. Throughout the auction process, they should stay in touch with you and be sensitive to your needs.

All of these requirements are met by the reputable North Texas-based auctioneer Kiefer Auctions.. Known for their professionalism and ethics, they have more than 30 years of experience in the pitch. They provide estate auctions, farm equipment auctions, real estate auctions, and many other types of auction services. Moreover, they conduct online auctions using cutting-edge technology, ensuring smooth transactions for both bidders and sellers.

Texas auctioneers play an essential role in the auction process. When selecting a Texas auctioneer, consider experience, reputation, services, technology, and customer service factors. Kiefer Auctions is a reputable auctioneer based in North Texas that offers a wide range of auction services and uses state-of-the-art technology to conduct online auctions. Texas auction companies are safe and straightforward from the comfort of your own home.

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