How to Determine What to Purchase in Livestock and Farming Auctions

Buying at a texas auction might help you save money on various agricultural equipment. In fact, equipment pieces with a lifespan of one to three years saw a 76.6% increase in sales at farming auctions in Texas in 2015. 

Sales of these equipment pieces surged by 56.3% in 2016. However, equipment sales decreased to 11.6% at online auctions in Texas in 2017. Both 2018 and 2019 saw a decrease of 27.5% in equipment sales. 

Keeping in mind the figures above, you must find out what to do if you’re at a farm auction in Texas for the first time. Let’s discuss what you need to know about farm auctions.

Compare and Contrast: Pre-Owned Versus Brand-New:

You’ll need to decide whether to purchase new or used farm machinery. New tractors are more exciting, but the price gap may force you to settle for a used one. Equipment for farming and building is found at bargain prices at equipment auctions. 

Look into the vendor’s reputation before purchasing from them. Next, investigate the quality of the offered gear. Then, take a mechanic to the farming auctions to help you make a call.

What Should You Expect at a Farming Auction?

There are various causes for auctioning off farm machinery. 

The Seller’s Goal Is to Make a Sale as Quickly as Possible.

One of the key reasons is that sellers want to sell quickly and easily. Therefore, these vendors hope to get the highest possible price for their machinery. 

Since there are numerous equipment auctions to choose from, prospective buyers should do their homework. North texas auctions of farm machinery are an excellent place to practice for them.

Know the Worth Before Buying.

Learn how much the piece of agricultural machinery you want to bid on is worth before you show up to the farming auction. If you’re aware of the current state of the market, you can use this information to sell your equipment. Obtain reasonable quotes and negotiate with bidders to stay within your financial constraints.

Make an Informed Purchase.

To make an informed purchase, prospective bidders on old farm machinery at auction must first conduct thorough inspections. Most agricultural vehicles and machinery sold at auctions in Texas are in “as is” condition. 

Examine the items thoroughly before placing a bid so you don’t end up with a dud. Since you’re purchasing a pre-owned item, you should care about how the engine performs and whether there are leaks or other technical problems. Check for metal fatigue and cracks in older farm equipment by inspecting all critical welds.


Consider these things before making a significant purchase at an online auctionYou’ll be able to get what you want at a fair price if you follow these tips.

Do Prior Research.

Learn what matters by researching various products and their features. Recognize the average age of your tools. You should check the oil, listen to the engine, and find out who the prior owner was on used equipment before you bid on it at an equipment auction. 

Know the Warranty Before Buying.

Inspect the machine’s warranty before beginning your investigation. Depending on the age of the device, the manufacturer may offer a guarantee that they will pay for any necessary repairs, even if the unit is used. Therefore, keeping your newly acquired gadgets in good working order is crucial. 

Before bidding on a pre-owned model, ensure the company is still active. 

Are You Prepared to Buy at a Farming Auction?

At farming auctions, knowledge is king. Kiefer Auctioneers is your go-to resource for farming auctions or North Texas auctions. Use a trustworthy auction house if you’re looking for farming auctions in Texas. 

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