What You Can Buy and Sell at Equipment Auctions in Texas?

Events known as equipment auctions and farm auctions in Texas allow participants to place bids on various pieces of machinery or other equipment. Heavy equipment items and farm machinery featured on online auctions is expected to increase by $2.12 billion from 2021 to 2026. These types of auctions frequently have used equipment or machinery, but still some outstanding equipment and items. Additionally, these types of auctions will also feature some new or barely used equipment and items. From farm machinery, industrial heavy equipment, or construction equipment, just about any kind of equipment and like items may be offered in an auction.

What can you buy and sell at equipment auctions in Texas?

Whether you are buying or selling at a farm auction in Texas or a heavy equipment auction, research is the first step by asking one of our representatives to best help you navigate your needs. Kiefer Auctioneers has the ability to find out what comparable products are selling for in your area before you start the selling process. By doing this, we are better able to determine a reasonable reserve price and describe the unique qualities of your item and its marketability.

The majority of products and auction items are accepted by live and online auctions, including farm auctions in Texas and heavy equipment auctions in Texas. You will see every different type of heavy machinery, tools, cars, motorcycles, and more.

Several things are really popular in Texas. One of them being farming and another is construction with our every growing population. Therefore, when agricultural machinery and heavy equipment items are put up for auction, it usually sells fast. We are constantly searching for farm machinery and heavy equipment to auction off or take in to sell on a consignment basis. People love to save money on these kinds of goods for two reasons. One is buying from a dealer can be more costly. Secondly, they don’t want to deal with the dealership tactics and are looking for the true value of a product. Some of the particular things sold include in these types of auctions are Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Dozers, Backhoe’s, Skid Loaders, Hay Balers, Plows, Tillage, and Cultivators, plus so much more.

In addition to farm equipment auctions, and heavy equipment auctions, we also sells a variety of other products at these types of auctions and by consignment. The products we sell frequently are listed below.





Farm Implements

Farm Machinery

Heavy Equipment

Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Trailers: Construction, Utility, Livestock, and other Misc.

Semi-Truck & Trailers



Collector Items & Antiques

UTV’s and ATV’s

Golf Carts


Plus, so much more.

One of the simplest and most lucrative ways to make money on any form of equipment that is no longer needed is to sell items and equipment at an auction. Frequently, businesses may utilize an auction house to organize and sell the equipment auction, listing everything that is no longer needed by the company but is still of value to another party. Whether the auction will be organized as a public event or will only be open to a list of invited bidders, that would be decided in collaboration with the client and by the auction company. If you are need of auction services or you have items to sell on a consignment basis, make sure to contact Kiefer Auctioneers for farm auctions in Texas  or heavy equipment auctions Texas, we are your go-to place.

Our main goal is to establish a relationship based on honesty and integrity. Additionally, Texas holds a wide range of auctions for large pieces of equipment, business and industrial goods, livestock, estate sales, galas, fundraisers, and more.

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